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Please, describe us your tattoo idea as detailed as possible 🙂 We need to know the subject of the tattoo, which style should it be, preferable size in cm and a placement. Do not hesitate to send us as many reference pictures as possible, they are always helpful!
Please let us know your date preferences regarding your tattoo appointment. We'll try to accommodate you within required dates or propose other options within the availability of our artists 🙂


Our studio has the best reviews in Prague and we think that speaks for itself. Why? Because we care about our customers and want to deliver a great tattoo as well as good experience overall.

Our studio is located in the center of Prague, just a five minute walk from one of the main metro and tram stations in the city, I.P. Pavlova. From there it’s just another five minute walk to reach our place of business. You can look us up in Google Maps and see how to get to us.

At the moment we accept cash only, in Czech crowns, Euros or Dollars. In case you prefer using a card, there is an ATM (Bankomat) next door to our studio.

Our company, Unholy Tattoo SRO, is approved and controlled regularly by relevant health and safety authorities. All of our artists underwent professional training in safety and hygiene and have obtained a diploma according to EU legislation (which requires more than 300 hours of training). All of our material is disposable, and all our surfaces such as the floor, benches, etc, are washed regularly with hospital-grade cleaning products (our tattoo beds and stations are, of course, sanitised after each client). All our inks are 100% vegan and hypoallergenic.

Make sure you are well rested and have had a good night of sleep. Being well hydrated and have eaten recently is also important. Wear some comfortable clothes. Make sure you take a shower before the tattoo and don’t apply any kind of gel or cream in the area which is about to be tattooed. Please don’t consume any alcohol or drugs before getting tattooed.

Depending on the placement and size of your tattoo, the answer to this question can vary a lot. Small tattoos will hurt very little, and tattoo pain is tolerable. But, if you’re getting a bigger piece, it can become a bit uncomfortable after two to three hours. This is why we usually try to do a shorter session, so it’s more comfortable for our customers. But, if you feel comfortable, we can do longer sessions as well, of course!

Remove the plastic film after two hours. Try to keep your new tattoo clean. Wash it gently with antibacterial soap or just cold (or room temperature) water 2x or 3x per day and then apply a thin layer of Bepanthen (plus or regular, don’t use the “baby” lotion) 3x a day for 15 days. Do not scratch or pick the scabs. For the first 15 days don’t use any other cream or sunscreen lotion on the place which was tattooed. Don’t go swimming or to the sauna and don’t expose your new tattoo to the sun. Try not to do any physical activity, such as going to the gym for a week. To keep your tattoo looking good for many years, we recommend that you use a high FPS sunscreen lotion when you will be exposed to the sun.

At the end of your consultation, we take a deposit to secure your appointment and to start working on your project. The deposit is usually between 1000czk and 2000czk, depending on the complexity of your drawing and it is at your artist’s discretion. All tattoo deposits are non-refundable. For multi-session tattoos, the deposit will be held as payment towards the last session of the tattoo. Deposits cannot be transferred for use by another person. If you arrive for your appointment without proper identification, you will not be tattooed. If you need to reschedule, we require an email at least 72 hours in advance. If you need to reschedule your tattoo, we will move your deposit with your appointment up to two times before it is forfeited. You are allowed to change your design one time and at least seven days before your appointment (as that’s when we usually start working on your design). Your deposit will be forfeited if you arrive more than 30 minutes late.

According to Czech law if you’re under 18 you can only get a tattoo with a consent form signed by one of your parents or a legal guardian.

For big pieces, it’s essential that you contact us before and send us some images or drawings and the approximate size you would like to get so we can discuss it with one of our artists. For smaller pieces, it’s best to book before as we get very busy and can’t promise that we’ll have time to do your tattoo, but we always welcome walk-ins.